Since the beginning of the Eighties the name EINSTEIN Audio Elektronik stands for the fine deffirence in the development high-end HiFi-stereo components. The history of EINSTEIN began in Bochum with the meeting of the later company founders Volker Bohlmeier and Rolf Weiler. The love to music is joining together both instrumentalists and music fans, which is a strong aspect of life quality for them.


"The Einstein Vision of Stereo technology is born"

In 1987 the heads of EINSTEIN began to bundle with audition and competence their muscial know how in combination with Weiler's fundamental knowledge about circuits and technologies of reproduction and incorporated it in the development of an amp. The EINSTEIN vision of stero technique was born. After 30 years development time, in 1990 EINSTEIN presented a new standard in the audio world with their amp !"The Amp". The innovative circuit technique and the fascinating sound characteristics of the power amp in transistor technique is valued by experts as well as music fans worldwide. "The Amp" received many awards of the international HiFi industry and was rewarded for his puristic design. Already the first HiFi stereo component from EINSTEIN Audio Elektronik became a classic and is constantly among the best lists of leading HiFi publications.

The realistic reproduction and the sound experience have absolute priority for the developer of EINSTEIN. No EINSTEIN product will leave the house before it will have the best possible sound characteristics. Each device is produced as a single copy and so long tested with competence and accuracy until it will meet the highest acoustic requirements. Only the purity of the sound is determining the straight composition of components right down to the last detail and free of any market segment orientation. These uncomprising quality requirements are the benchmark for all EINSTEIN products and account for the high demand to transfer music as a complex wholeness and to produce value-solid HiFi devices, where each of them enters the HiFi market as an innovation and instance.

Music fans allover the world as well as the international press value the EINSTEIN-components as State Of The Art and count them to the elite of audio devices.

Einstein Audio Components GmbH
Volker Bohmeier

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44795 Bochum
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