HiFi enthusiasts love to hear components in the most optimal settings, chat with manufacturers and designers, discuss the ins and outs of HiFi with their fellow colleagues and meet their favorite writer and editor in person.

The goal of hifideluxe has been just that: to create a forum where this interaction takes place, where visitors feel equally at home with all the manufacturers and fellow attendees.

High-end components require that much more care in getting setup for a proper demonstration.  If listening room conditions aren’t up to par, it is very difficult to discern the qualities of the individual music systems.

Thus, It is critical for a HiFi show to provide proper conditions where component evaluation becomes a possibility.

Hifideluxe sprang to life precisely because there is a definitive need for manufacturers to present their components under the best demonstration conditions possible. Being under one roof with fellow colleagues and like minded individuals does the rest.

We are excited to have found a long term partner with the Marriott Hotel who will supply us with the necessary room and various arrangements for years to come.