The hifideluxe want to exhibitors and visitors in pleasant surroundings offer the best platform to showcase technological innovations in the best quality from high-quality hifi and audio world. We look forward to providing you the opportunity to present high quality products in dialogue with dealers, customers and new customers in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Thus, we can show the fascination of high-quality sound playback starts.

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For many, music is a form of art and in many cases there is a very strong bond to those who appreciate it to its fullest extent. Our primary goal was to present those music lovers with an atmosphere where they may enjoy music similar to their own home environment.



The technical execution is ultimately responsible for how a component sounds. Alas, behind each component is a visionary designer who with talent, ingenuity and cleverness created the component in first place.

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Hifideluxe will take place from the 10th through the 12th of May 2017
from 12h00 – 20h00 at the Munich Marriott Hotel.

Munich Marriott Hotel
Berliner Straße 93
80805 München-Schwabing

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